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Why not switch to paperless billing today? It's easy, secure and good for the environment too.

Once you're on Direct Debit, just log on to My eMobile, go to the paperless billing link under My Account and choose to go paperless.

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You will be able to access a maximum of 12 months of bills in My eMobile so if you need to access them for a longer period of time we recommend that you save them on your laptop or computer.

Top questions
I received a communication from you about moving to Paperless Billing?
I've signed up to Direct Debit. How long to do I have to wait before I can go paperless?

It will take up to 72 hours for your Direct Debit to be confirmed. You will only receive a communication from us if there is a problem with your application. So just log onto My eMobile about four days after you've signed up online and you'll be able to sign up to paperless billing.

I'm not the account holder on my account. Can I still turn off my paper bills?

Only the account holder - the person who pays the bills can turn off paper bills. Please ask the account holder to log in to My eMobile to sign up for paperless billing.

How will I know when my bill is due?

We'll send you an email every month when your bill is available online for you to view.

I'm trying to sign up to paperless and I haven't received the authorisation code.

If you haven't received the email with the authorisation code, please fill in the form again and we'll send you a new one.

How quickly will my paper bills stop?

We might already be processing your bill when you sign up so you may receive one more paper bill.

If I change my mind, can I go back to paper bills?

Yes, if you want to, you can login to My eMobile at any stage and change back to receiving a paper bill.

I'm on paperless billing but I haven't received an email about my bill?

Please check your SPAM filter, as sometimes the email can be located there. To make sure you receive your email in the future, please mark the email as safe, or move it to your inbox.

  • Set up direct debit
  • Sign up for paperless billing on My eMobile

Go to My Account and choose Paperless billing.