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All of our mobile broadband customers can access a great selection of perks
Free internet access at WiFiHub hotspots nationwide, free eircom SportsHub, free webmail account and much more...
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Free access to eircom WiFiHub
What is eircom WiFiHub?

eircom WiFiHub is a service that allows you to connect to the internet when you're out and about, at one of our many hotspots. eMobile customers can access the internet at these hotspots using a wireless-enabled laptop or another wireless device like your phone.

Find WiFiHub hotspots

  • To view eircom's list of Hotspots nationwide, click here
eircom WiFiHub app

Download the free eircom WiFiHub app for your Android and Apple mobile or tablet

Click here for Android

Click here for Apple

With eMobile, you can connect to the internet for FREE at over a thousand locations around the country with eircom WiFiHub, eircom's WiFi network.

It really is free - it won't be charged on your bill, it doesn't use up any of your data allowance or credit. There are over a thousand eircom WiFi hotspots around Ireland - in airports, train stations, hotels, cafes and in eMobile stores.

How do I set up an eircom WifiHub login?

To register, simply freetext wifi to 50003 and we will text you back your username and password

Get Support

If you have any difficulty in accessing the service, please contact support on Lo-call 1890 252 049

Terms of service

How do I access the internet with eircom WiFiHub?

There are six simple steps involved when accessing the internet at an eircom WiFiHub hotspot

1. Turn on your wireless-enabled laptop or any wireless device
2. Click on the Wireless Network Connection icon on the task bar
3. View available networks (make sure your wireless connection is turned on)
4. Set the Service Set Identifier (SID) to 'eircom'
5. Click on your web browser and the eircom WiFiHub welcome page will appear
6. Enter your username and password and away you go

After that, anytime you are in an eircom WiFiHub area and you have downloaded the eircom WiFiHub app to your smartphone, you'll automatically connect to it without having to put the username and password in. If you are using a laptop, just follow the previous 6 points to get access to eircom WiFiHub.

Free broadband device when you sign up to Bill pay eMobile broadband

Sign up to Bill pay eMobile broadband, and we will give you a free mobile broadband device worth €49. Plus it only costs €`20.32 a month for a massive 10GB allowance.

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Online Discount

When you buy a new Bill pay phone or any mobile broadband device you can get an extra ?10 discount, just for buying online. Exclusive online offers on selected prepay phones also available.

Free calls to customer care

We believe you shouldn't have to pay to talk to us. That's why all our calls to our customer care team on 1800 690 000 are free.


eircom offers all new eMobile customers access to an email account. webmail gives you secure access to your email, contacts and calendar on a wide range of phones. You can also access up to 5 different email addresses from the one account. So if you have a Gmail and Yahoo! Mail account for example, you can sync these into your account and read all mails from this one location.

  • 5GB storage space
  • Mobile web access
  • Access different email accounts within the one account