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Get more from your mobile with our range of additional perks
Whether you are a talker, a texter or internet browser, we have a suite of additional perks that will ensure you enjoy great value and a superior mobile experience.
Free access to eircom WiFiHub
What is eircom WiFiHub?

eircom WiFiHub is a service that allows you to connect to the internet when you're out and about, at one of our many hotspots. eMobile customers can access the internet at these hotspots using a wireless-enabled laptop or another wireless device like your phone.

Find WiFiHub hotspots

  • To view eircom's list of Hotspots nationwide, click here
eircom WiFiHub app

Download the free eircom WiFiHub app for your Android and Apple mobile or tablet

Click here for Android

Click here for Apple

With eMobile, you can connect to the internet for FREE at over a thousand locations around the country with eircom WiFiHub, eircom's WiFi network.

It really is free - it won't be charged on your bill, it doesn't use up any of your data allowance or credit. There are over a thousand eircom WiFi hotspots around Ireland - in airports, train stations, hotels, cafes and in eMobile stores.

How do I set up an eircom WifiHub login?

To register, simply freetext wifi to 50003 and we will text you back your username and password

Get Support

If you have any difficulty in accessing the service, please contact support on Lo-call 1890 252 049

Terms of service

How do I access the internet with eircom WiFiHub?

There are six simple steps involved when accessing the internet at an eircom WiFiHub hotspot

1. Turn on your wireless-enabled laptop or any wireless device
2. Click on the Wireless Network Connection icon on the task bar
3. View available networks (make sure your wireless connection is turned on)
4. Set the Service Set Identifier (SID) to 'eircom'
5. Click on your web browser and the eircom WiFiHub welcome page will appear
6. Enter your username and password and away you go

After that, anytime you are in an eircom WiFiHub area and you have downloaded the eircom WiFiHub app to your smartphone, you'll automatically connect to it without having to put the username and password in. If you are using a laptop, just follow the previous 6 points to get access to eircom WiFiHub.

There are lots of ways you can get even more value from us
Online discounts, free calls to landlines, extra credit plus so much more ...
For all eMobile customers For bill pay customers For prepay customers
Online discount
Buy a new phone or a broadband device online and automatically get a discount of up to €10.
eircom logo
eircom customers save
eircom customers get a monthly discount on our bill pay plans, with the exception of Select 100 and Select 100+data. Or you can get better value than ever before with our home phone, broadband and mobile bundles from just €55 a month.
Find out more here
Man talking on a mobile phone
50% extra free credit
Prepay customers can enjoy 50% extra credit free for life when they top up by €20 or more in one go.
You can use this additional credit to cover any usage that may not be included in your chosen offer, for example international calls or texts, directory enquiry calls or using the internet / email on your mobile.
Customer care representative
Free calls to customer care
We believe you shouldn't have to pay to talk to us. That's why all calls to our customer care team on 1800 690 000 are free.
Man talking on a phone
Free calls to landlines
All our Bill pay customers can enjoy free calls to all landlines in the Republic of Ireland. They are not taken from your inclusive monthly allowance and you will not be billed for them when your monthly allowance is used up.
Email on your mobile

eircom offers all new eMobile customers access to an email account. webmail gives you secure access to your email, contacts and calendar on a wide range of phones. You can also access up to 5 different email addresses from the one account. So if you have a Gmail and Yahoo! Mail account for example, you can sync these into your account and read all mails from this one location.

  • 5GB storage space
  • Mobile web access
  • Access different email accounts within the one account
Find out more about Nokia Messaging
Nokia - Connecting People
Nokia Messaging

Using email on your mobile is easy with Nokia Messaging. All you need to start using it is an E or N series Nokia phone and a data price plan or data add-on.

Once up and running all your emails from your ISP accounts will be delivered into your email inbox. See the key features of the service and how to set it up on your mobile.

  • With Nokia Messaging you can receive all your emails from up to 10 accounts direct to your mobile inbox.
  • It's easy to set up; all you need is your email address and password.
  • No login is required; you'll get instant notification every time you get an email - just like a text message.
  • Service is free but a data plan is required - available from €4.10 per month
  • Supports,, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail and POP/IMAP email accounts from other ISP's.
  • Multiple email accounts are viewable on one screen
  • You can enjoy the convenience of Nokia Messaging on the following Nokia E and N Series phones: N97 mini, X6, 6700 slide, 5230, E72, E52, C6 & C5

eMobile SafeSurf is a service to restrict internet access on your phone of sites and material that may not be suitable for children. It allows you to decide what kind of content can be accessed on the phone. The types of sites that are blocked may include Chatrooms, Dating, Gambling and Adult sites. To switch on eMobile SafeSurf, just call us on 1800 690 000. You will need the phone number and PIN for our Customer Care staff to activate the service.

Ring me

With eMobile you can always stay in touch, even if you run out of credit. Ring me lets you send a text message to someone saying "Ring me".

All you have to do is text the number of the person you want to contact to 50001. You need to include their national prefix or the full country code, including 00, for international numbers. For example, if you are abroad type in 00353 85 1234567