Network update
We are adding 500 new sites to our mobile network. This will mean better quality reliable voice service right around the country, plus a faster data experience in your area than ever before. We've increased our 3G speeds by 70% and we're adding 500 new sites to our mobile network to give you a super-fast data experience.

Our network now offers class leading call quality and a huge national footprint to keep you in touch wherever you go. The map shows our expected network coverage across Ireland.

Use the map to check coverage in your areas. You can search by address or just zoom in to see locations.

2G coverage
Excellent: Signal strength is excellent. You can make calls and send texts indoors, outdoors and on the move.
Good: You have outdoor and on-the-go coverage. You should be able to make calls and send texts. Indoor coverage may vary somewhat according to location and the type of building you're in. (e.g hills and tall buildings could affect the signal)
3G coverage
Excellent: Excellent for web browsing, email and mobile broadband. Great for sharing files and navigating - the ideal smartphone coverage.
Good: Good for email, quick web-searches and light browsing.
4G coverage
Excellent: Superfast internet speeds on your mobile, tablet or laptop. Ideal for faster emails and file transfer, quicker connections for audio streaming and video over mobile as well as faster file downloads and uploads.
Good: Superfast internet speeds on your mobile, tablet or laptop. Ideal for faster emails and file transfer.
Check the coverage in your area

The map shows our coverage across Ireland. Our network offers extensive 2G, 3G coverage with 4G coverage available in Dublin, Athlone town and Carlow town and will soon be available in Limerick, Cork and Galway.

All smartphones support 2G and 3G. Only the latest phones and devices support 4G - look for "4G" or "LTE enabled" devices to get maximum speeds. Your phone will switch automatically to the 3G network if you are ever in an area not covered by 4G.