We've added some WOW to our €20 monthly top-up
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Q.How will I remember to top-up? A.Schedule your automatic top-up with us by calling 1743
Q.What if I don't top-up on time each week/month? A.You will revert to our standard out of offer pricing - see below
Q.What if I leave the offer? A.It's easy to opt-out and there are no penalties. You can also opt back in very easily.
Q.Can I sign-up for the offers online? A.You can sign-up for the Thirty20 offer through "MyeMobile" see here for detail on how.

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How is €150 broken down?
250 any network minutes @ 25c€62.50
250 any network texts @ 13c€32.50
250MB data€5.00
147 landlines minutes @ 25c€36.75
50 eMobile & Meteor minutes @ 25c€12.50
30 eMobile & Meteor texts @ 13c€3.90
Total value€153.15

To get this fantastic offer simply

When you receive your new phone or SIM, free text twenty to 50104.
Once you receive confirmation you are signed up to the offer, free text freecredit to 50909 to receive your extra credit free.

Already an eMobile customer

Simply free text twenty to 50104 to sign up to this offer.



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Available on our Thirty20 offer which gives you 250 any network minutes, texts and 250MB of data, free eMobile and Meteor calls and texts (until 30th April 2013) and free calls to all Irish landlines. Excludes roaming, international, premium rate and non-geographic usage. 50% extra credit free available on €20 and €30 top-ups only. €150 value is based on average customer usage on Thirty20 offer. For full terms click here.